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Note: The ratio of gravel to asphalt on Ride with GPS is NOT accurate.

These routes are at least 90% gravel, give or take.

Touch Both Lines Gravel Routes

Touch Both Lines 45

Touch Both Lines 87

Well, Dangit Anyway 161

The Epic 150 2022 routes

2022 Epic 150
2022 Epic 90
2022 Epic 50
2022 Taste of the Epic 24

Butterfield Stage Experience Bike Packing Routes

The Butterfield Stage Experience connects 9 counties through 27 Main Streets in Missouri. It’s origins are a stagecoach and mail delivery route that traveled from San Francisco, California to Tipton, Missouri from 1858-1860. Today, the Truman Lake Adventure Club leads gravel rides and bike packing clinics on the route.

Download the north to south route HERE

Download the south to north route HERE.

Download route segments HERE.

2022 Butterfield 60 routes

2022 Butterfield 64
2022 Butterfield 40
2022 Butterfield 24
11 miles- I can’t believe it’s not butter!

More routes in and around Benton County

Lincoln 104 Connector:

Utilizes The Butterfield Stage Experience, Rock Island, and Katy Trail for a challenging all day ride.

Iconium 40:

Back country beauty with a supply stop at the Iconium store.

Cole Camp 94:

Mega climbing. Good training for the Epic

Stover 75

Hickory County Gravel

Pomme 66:

The front half of the 108.

The 108:

Back country gravel challenge. Carry everything you will need.

Truman Lake Mountain Bike & Hiking Park

28565 Benton House Avenue

Warsaw, Missouri, 65355

Green Trail: About 1 mile, great introduction to mountain biking or hiking.

Blue Trail: About 3 miles. Fantastic views of Truman Lake with some good climbs and fast fun downhills.

Yellow Trail: About 11 miles. Come and get some!

Red Trail: About 2 miles. Beginner friendly, connects to the levee at Sterett Creek.

Shawnee Bend Bluff Trails

Shawnee Bend

About 4 miles, with view of Truman Lake and the Mile Long Bridge. These trails were built and are maintained through a partnership between the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Truman Lake Adventure Club. Shawnee Bend is a venue for the Missouri NICA series, and the current home of the Missouri State Championship Mountain Bike Race.

Jacob Reidel Orienteering Course

at Truman Lake Mountain Bike Park